Saint Patricks’ Day


I love Saint Patricks’ Day! With a name like Mary Pat you can guess I am Irish and proud of it. Our family has a simple two day food tradition to celebrate.  The first day is the obvious corned beef and cabbage, also referred to as a Jiggs dinner in our neck of the woods. I keep it simple corned beef, potatoes, carrots, onions and cabbage. The only trick is not overcooking the cabbage. Plus I have to make twice as much as we could ever eat. Of course it is served with Irish soda bread slathered with butter. Guinness Stout rounds out the meal. This is a good, maybe great meal.

The second dinner is corned beef hash. This is what we really look forward to! I take all the leftovers, including the cabbage and chop them into fairly small chunks. Then I fry it all up in butter and olive oil. Getting a brown on it can be tough if you haven’t patted the cabbage and onions really dry. Once it is browned I plate the hash and top with poached eggs. Toast the Irish soda bread, once again slather with butter and serve it up. Oh my word…This is one of the highlights of the gastronomic year! Why I don’t do this more often I do not know. It certainly is not difficult. I guess I want to keep it special and a tradition.

Bain sult as!



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