Chicken and Waffles with Bacon Gravy

My estate sale waffle iron

My estate sale waffle iron

It all began at an estate sale. The waffle iron was compact and only $7.00. It seemed like a good idea. Waffles were never my thing, but chicken and waffles that is another story. I gave it some thought and decided the ultimate recipe would be topped with bacon gravy. Here is my adventure…

First I cooked 6 slices of chopped up applewood bacon till crisp.

Next I took on the waffles. I used the recipe for basic waffles and added half of the crisp bacon pieces. I really should have read the instructions better. First batch I overflowed the waffle maker. The machine beeped at me while I tried to wipe up the gooey mess on the counter. I tried to pretend I thought it was funny but I didn’t fool myself. The next two batches came out OK. Maybe I would like them a little crisper and darker next time. If there is a next time. I put the OK waffles in the oven at 200 degrees.

Next I made the gravy. Easy standard proportions. 3 Tablespoons bacon drippings melted, stir in 3 Tablespoons flour. Stir. Add lots of pepper. Slowly whisk in 2 cups chicken stock. Cook to a nice gravy consistency. Stir in remaining bacon. Put the heat on simmer to hold.

Chicken comes next. I used chicken tenders. I dipped them in a mixture of sriracha and an egg. Next I dredged them in flour, shaking off the excess. I fried the chicken in about 1/2 inch of peanut oil till brown and cooked through.

To plate them up we each got a bacon waffle drizzled with maple syrup. Topped that with two chicken tenders and the topped that with the bacon gravy.

Then I turned around and looked at the kitchen…it looked like a cooking bomb went off! I normally clean as I go. I normally have a plan before I start. I normally am somewhat organized. This recipe did me in…Try at your own risk. Oh by the way the chicken and waffles with bacon gravy tasted awesome!

Chicken and Waffles with Bacon Gravy

Chicken and Waffles with Bacon Gravy




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