My Consultants



Hank is my beer consultant. He is a good friend but hates the internet and will not allow me to use his full name or picture here. Hank knows more about beer than anyone I know and he is the only one I would consider for this position so we shall humor him. Do take his advice, you will be happy!





Cissie Schnoering is my wine consultant. Cissie has been in the wine business for over 30 years from retail to wholesale. She has done it all! She started at the Toledo legend the original  Vineyard.   She worked her way up to manager. From there she went into wholesale as a rep for 3 different distributors. Cissie also was the wine manager for Walt Churchill’s Market and the Beer and Wine Cave. You can currently find her as Wine Manager at Calvino’s Restaurant and wine Bar. She knows her wine.


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